Monday, November 7, 2011

Sleepless Nights

6 a.m. Saturday morning, I found myself standing in the lobby of the new Social Work building at the corner of 8th and Washington waiting to greet important individuals who would be involved in the homecoming parade. As I stood my shoulders drooped, my eyes fought to stay open, and continuous yawns escaped my lips. I hadn't slept since I had woke up at 11 a.m. Friday morning and started to feel its effects inside this warm building. With University Regents, former Texas Governors, and even a Hollywood director about to enter the building I had to find a way to appear awake. Of course we know where this story is going, I did some yoga. Standing at the top of the stairs, in a suit, I put my feet together, stood up tall, rolled my shoulders back creating a lift in my chest and stood in Tadasana after several minutes I felt slightly more energized, not to mention taller. As the guests arrived I smiled and greeted them warmly. My colleague on the other hand, a non practitioner of yoga, could barely stand and had to excuse himself. Yoga works.

As far as practice this week, I'm still getting back into the physical aspects of yoga, trying to keep it easy. Most practice days I do shoulder stand, halasana, and head stand while adding in things such as the Warrior sequence and attempts at lotus. Because of my lack of activity for the past several weeks my legs are especially tight with the tops of my feet being extraordinarily tight.

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